Our friends from Upbeat always give us top quality videos to host on HeyUGuys but this one (in my opinion) is their best so far! They got to travel to Disney Animation Studios in Burbank California and were given amazing access to the world of Disney where they explored just how the 50th animated Disney feature film, Tangled is made.

In the featuerette, we get to see interviews with directors – Nathan Greno & Byron Howard, Art Director – David Goetz, Visual Effects Supervisor – Steve Goldberg, Head of Disney Animation Research Library – Fox Carny and Supervising Animator – John Khars.

This really is a fantastic featurette and if you’re intersted in Disney in general or anything to do with animation, this is well worth a watch.

Disney’s Tangled is released in the UK this Friday, 28th January and you can read our review here or keep track of all our coverage of the movie here.