With the forthcoming movie reboot it’s perhaps no surprise that Slimer, Stay Puft and the Ghostbuster team get a look-on on LEGO Dimensions.

At Gamescom last week Warner unveiled not only the brands inclusion in the main adventure of the toys to life video game (that uses physical mini-figures to unlock in-game content) but also an open world to explore.

This offers considerably more value to players who expand their Lego Dimensions collection. A solitary character from each of the 14 brands will unlock the related open world “Adventure”.

These offer iconic locations from the movies as well as puzzles to solve. There is a catch though, many of the puzzle require a certain franchise character to solve. For instance you can access the Wizard of Oz world with any of the Oz minifigures, but you can’t collect all the gold bricks without using Peter Venkman to scare away some ghosts.

With Skylanders SuperChargers, Lego Dimensions and Disney Infinity all launching in the next six weeks or so it will be interesting to see which manages to attract interest from young gamers — and older movie fans looking to relive their youth.