The Funny or Die team tickle those funny bones yet again. Last week D-lister Tara Reid demonstrated previously unearthed comedic chops in a spoof sequel to The Big Lebowski (from an actual fib she perpetuated) and now another sequel (of sorts) has been created.

A fun little satire of La La Land, original star and director (Billy Crystal and Rob Reiner) pitch a follow-up to the much-loved 1989 hit comedy in what first appears to take the form of a heart-warming look at loss and love regained, but soon makes a swift detour with an hilarious and unexpected twist, due to the request of one of the idiotic studio executives.

Billy Crystal and new partner Helen Mirren have a lot of fun here, and there’s the added bonus of a malnourished-looking Mike Tyson, who utters the funniest line in the trailer.

Anyway, take a look below. Although the subject itself may be funny, the frightening aspect of it all is how much of this could be a reality in a modern, idea-starved Hollywood.

Thanks to Slash Film for the link.