Mother nature, alongside man-made satellites, appears to be getting her revenge on a world that has been abused at the hands of humankind in a chillingly surreal teaser trailer for Geostorm, a natural disaster movie of epic proportions.

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Think The Day after Tomorrow crossed with San Andreas and you’d be on the right windy track. In this teaser we witness a magnitude of electrical storms, tornadoes and huge tidal waves engulfing numerous cities across the world including India, Dubai and the US, causing complete and utter devastation whilst our protagonists watch in complete horror.

Geostorm Teaser Trailer

2017 seems to be the year for directorial feature film debuts as writer and producer of Independence Day, Dean Devlin, takes the helm on this suspense thriller. Can Devlin do what so many who have come before him have failed to do and make this one disaster worthy of the budget that has been blown on its production? The proof is yet to come but having poor old Gerald Butler on board doesn’t bode well.

Geostorm has a cast that includes Gerard Butler, as Jake, a scientist who, along with his brother, Max, played by Jim Sturgess, is tasked with solving the satellite program’s malfunction. Abbie Cornish (“Limitless”) as Secret Service agent Sarah Wilson, Alexandra Maria Lara (“Rush”) as Ute Fassbinder, the ISS astronaut who runs the space station, Daniel Wu (“The Man with the Iron Fists,”) as Cheng, the Hong Kong-based supervisor for the Dutch Boy Program, with Oscar nominees Ed Harris (“The Hours,” “Apollo 13”) as US Secretary of State, Leonard Dekkom and Andy Garcia (“The Godfather: Part III”) as U.S. President Andrew Palma.

Geostorm swirls into cinemas October 20.

Geostorm Official Synopsis

After an unprecedented series of natural disasters threatened the planet, the world’s leaders came together to create an intricate network of satellites to control the global climate and keep everyone safe.  But now, something has gone wrong—the system built to protect the Earth is attacking it, and it’s a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide geostorm wipes out everything…and everyone along with it.