In a recent interview with G4’s Attack of the Show, George Lucas spoke at length with regards to the upcoming 3D rerelease of his Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Now, the prequels get a lot of stick for walking all over some people’s cherished memories of the original trilogy, quite despite the fact that they adequately embody the Saturday morning serial genre which Lucas has always held as his intention. This, combined with the current animosity towards 3D filmmaking, will likely leave many hugging their New Hope until it goes away.

I, however, found much to enjoy in these latest additions to cannon, and can think of a number of sequences which could look incredible given the extra dimension – Episode II’s asteroid field skirmish in particular.

The interview didn’t end there, Lucas was also quizzed on his proposed live-action television saga – currently languishing on hiatus. With 50 hours of script already written, it looks as though the delay lies in Lucas’ resolve to imbue his series with the high quality of effects befitting his feature films.

How ever long it takes, you can guarantee I’ll be waiting with baited breath. Just don’t ask Disney Imagineering’s Tom Fitzgerald what he has to say on the matter.