The BBC have confirmed that Sherlock is to return to our small screens next year. Filming will start next January for a one-off special and then later in the year we should see a new series of three episodes.

Rumours of a Christmas special have been accruing over the last few weeks and then the BBC One twitter feed tweeted this…

…so something is definitely afoot. Changing their profile picture to that of Andrew Scott’s Moriarty isn’t exactly a subtle move. Then, at 2:21pm precisely came this:

and this…

The third series of the incredibly popular BBC show was very well received and once over the rabid fans (seriously – you need only to watch the #221back twitter feed to qualify that statement) were counting down until their next dose of the detecting duo. It seems their increasingly busy filming schedules have cleared at just the right time and now the game is on to undo the many tangled plotlines we were left with at the end of the last episode.

How will they do it? With style, of course.