On the 3rd and 4th of September Future Cinema unveiled their latest movie happening with screenings of The Lost Boys and Top Gun in central London, and we were invited along to take in the sights, sounds and strange people as Santa Carla came to Canary Wharf, those damn vampires and all.

Ali Madconald reports for HeyUGuys

As a film buff and big fan of the 80’s classics I blush to say that I realized recently that I had never actually watched “The Lost Boys”, luckily the Future Cinema event in Canary Wharf last night was everything we have come to expect from these creative giants.


We were met by a massive fairground with a carousel, bumper cars and candy stalls. Everyone of the 4000 strong crowd was dressed up, some with bloody faces, vampire teeth, strings of garlic around their necks and 80’s Ray Bans.

You had to fight yourself around all of the queues in this open air space (This was my only criticism of the night, for such a great and inspiring event they had got some of the basics wrong with 1 hour long queues for toilets, burgers and hotdogs,) but if you overlook this, the level of detail for this event was staggering.

The bar was themed, there were characters everywhere, motorbikes being revved and driven around the punters, classic cars with guitar playing chicks, dens filled with vampires eating Chinese takeaway, horses in a paddock and even a beach volleyball area.

All very impressive but for someone who has never seen the film none of it made any sense and when we stumbled upon real life taxidermy classes with animal carcasses being pined to tables it all seemed very extreme.

That was until we sat down on the sand of the volleyball court, squeezed between excited fans singing The Lost Boys theme “Cry Little Sister” and started watching the film on its giant screen. Suddenly every little detail made sense, the fairground, the comic book shop, the motorbikes, the vampires and yes, even the taxidermy.

Thank you to Air New Zealand for inviting us to this fantastic event. What a great way to watch this 1987 classic for the first time. The atmosphere was brilliant and as all us thousands of vampires spilled out on to the streets under the massive Canary Wharf buildings and made our way home we all felt like “ fighters for truth, justice, and the American way” just like Edgar Frog.