The Hobbit 3D GlassesThe merchandise has already started people as Warner Bros. and RealD 3D unveil this rather of funky glasses for the first of three parts in the Peter Jackson trilogy of The Hobbit. Part 1 is called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and will be with us 14th December later this year. These glasses come out in the same week that Warner Bros. / Jackson confirm that The Hobbit will now be split into three parts and not two as originally planned. If you missed that news, you can recap right here.

Very much looking forward to this first part of The Hobbit trilogy and now these glasses need to be purchased before I watch it! Anyone else after a pair?! I’ll update this post with a link to buy them when I find one. If you find it before me, please feel free to tweet me or add in the comments section!

These follow on from the lovely glasses that RealD and Marvel made for The Avengers earlier in the year.

Thanks to @JamesonCultFilm for tweeting them out in the first place. Click the image below to enlarge.