Fox 2000 have picked up a new comedy spec script, entitled He’s F**king Perfect, for Will Ferrell and long-time collaborator Adam McKay to produce, THR report, and it sounds like the project has a lot of potential.

The script will be the first feature film for Lauryn Kahn, who’s been working with Ferrell and McKay for a few years now, as both assistant to McKay and co-writer on The Other Guys NYPD Recruitment Video, a video short tied into last year’s The Other Guys.

The deal is thought to be somewhere around the $1m. mark, which is pretty brilliant considering it’s a spec script from a relatively new writer. And since it has apparently taken all of one day for the script to go out to studios before Fox 2000 picked it up, it certainly shows they have faith in it.

“He’s F**king Perfect is the story of one woman, pessimistic in love, who regularly uses the Internet to research the men her friends are dating, acting as a vetting device for them to weed out losers. Things take a turn when she gets a friend to dump her new guy in order for the woman to steal the man for herself, using her social media savvy to turn herself into his perfect match.”

It sounds like it has the potential to be much better than a lot of the comedy fare we’ve been getting over the past few years, so I’m looking forward to it. I also hope that, and wouldn’t be surprised if, Will Ferrell crops up in an acting role somewhere in this, alongside his producing role. But we shall see. No news of casting or directors yet, but hopefully it’ll just be a matter of time. More news as we get it.