To celebrate the release of Foundation, Apple TV’s sci-fi fantasy epic, we sat down with the cast and creator to talk about the eagerly anticipated series.

Based on the beloved series of novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation chronicles a thousand-year saga and a struggle between religion, politics, and science. Psychohistories and mathematician Dr. Hari Seldon has developed a model which predicts the end of civilisation. Hurt by the allegation, Dr. Hari Seldon, and his young protégé Gaal are exiled by the Galactic Empire and have to battle to prove Seldon’s theories and put a stop to it.

We had to pleasure of chatting to this fantastic ensemble of familiar and new faces including Jared Harris about drawing from real life conflicts to play Dr Hari Seldon, actress Lou Llobell about the struggles playing a young protégé who thinks differently than anyone else, Alfred Enoch about his conflict as Hari’s adoptive son and the possible jealousy of Gaal’s arrival into their lives, Leah Harvey about playing a scrappy character who may be the outlier to prove Seldon’s theory wrong, and Lee Pace about dominating the screen as the ruthless Brother Day.

We also spoke to creator David S. Goyer about adapting such a dense source material into the small screen, working with his dream casting as well as fresh faces, and how he utilised present real-life situations as inspiration for translating Asimov’s work.

You can watch all of our interviews below. Foundation will premiere globally on Apple TV+ September 24, 2021.