Focus Features’ new digital distribution subsidiary Focus World has recently picked up Cuban zombie comedy Juan of the Dead for a North American digital release. The film gained Focus’ attention when it played at last year’s Toronto film festival and whilst I won’t be in America anytime soon I’ve got to say that this all sounds very promising.

It’s not often that you get a good horror comedy and as someone who doesn’t quite get Shaun of the Dead maybe I just don’t get horror comedy at all. Whenever I doubt myself though I just stick on Peter Jackson’s Braindead and as Derek destroys heads my piece of mind is restored. You see when I’m not being scared by horror films or at least intrigued by them it’s always fun for them to jump the shark and go nuts, that or funny. Ideally both. When it also has a wry eye for the political as all great zombie films do then more’s the better.

Two friends from Cuba hatch a plan to launch a zombie extermination service after their picturesque island is overrun by the living dead in this satirical horror film from director Alejandro Brugués (Personal Belongings). It’s the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, and as the hungry undead make an unwelcomed appearance, best friends Juan (Alexis Días de Villegas) and Lázardo (Jorge Molina) decide to parlay their skills for dispatching zombies into a professional career. As the government attempts to maintain public order by blaming the fracas on Americans who they claim are attempting to topple the current regime, Juan and Lazardo rally the troops, gather their weapons, and prepare to make a killing by ridding Cuba of zombies one shambling, flesh-eating corpse at a time.

It’s basically like the Buena Vista Social Club just without much music and everything gets decapitated and guitars are used for liquidising faces as well as for technically proficient salsa.

Whilst many critics apparently like to see the film as a political allegory director Alejandro Brugues says that it’s actually a commentary on how Cuba’s citizens find a way to deal with poverty. Either way Focus World plans to digitally distribute the film after its scheduled theatrical run in April, a run that it appears will be conducted by a separate distributor.

I’m just hoping it gets a look in over here in Blighty.

Source: Collider