This is our first proper look at the forthcoming return to Oz and director Dan St. Pierre and Will Finn have the cast, the audience recognition and a rich and fertile source material so I’m not quite sure why this trailer for Dorothy of Oz didn’t chime with me

Perhaps it is the recent unveiling of Sam Raimi’s Oz, The Great and Powerful which knocked my striped socks off. This animated Oz seems to be visually regressive, grabbing the icons of Baum’s story and the various adaptations over the years and inserted some very generic looking pantomime characters.

“Glee’s” Lea Michele is our Dotty and there’s Kelsey Grammar, Patrick Stewart and Dan Aykroyd along for the ride and I’m keeping an open mind but they’ll need a fierce script to make up for the lack of something special on show here.

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Merci to FirstShowing for giving us this little shove down the yellow brick road.