Are you excited for the film which will see Titans Wrathing? I know you are. That’s why there’s five clips bundled into a pretty video package below for you to enjoy.

Cast, crew and the third dimension return for another round of titanic clashing with Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes returning with Bill Nighy and Rosamund Pike playing a two headed hydra (not really, but that would be super fun) and here’s hoping the atrocious 3D has been worked out this time.

With a focus on screen-ripping special effects this one needs to have a decent, and cogent, story this time to get the blood pumping, we’re seeing the film this week and you’ll have our thoughts on it as soon as the embargo monster is slain.

Clippage ahoy, courtesty of Collider and the Makhai featurette follows,

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