There are a lot of DC Comics TV shows currently on the air, but the fact that they’re all shown on different networks makes the logistics of a crossover quite complicated. Arrow and The Flash however are on the same network, and that means that next week the iconic heroes will star in an epic two-part crossover!

The first part takes place in The Flash and is titled “Flash vs. Arrow”. The second airs on the following night in Arrow, and is called “The Brave and the Bold”. As you can see from the trailer, Barry Allen and Oliver Queen will end up coming to blows after the former is sent on a rage rampage by a new metahuman.

If you watch both shows in the UK, then there’s still a fair few weeks to go until the crossover airs, but don’t worry as this trailer doesn’t contain any spoilers for what’s to come in any upcoming episodes!

Boomerang (a villain that Will Smith is apparently in talks to play in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad movie) will also play a big role in the crossover, but the main draw here has to be seeing The Arrow and The Flash fighting, not to mention the fact that this is the first time the two will be seen together in costume.