Ben-Foster-Daniel-Radcliffe-Dane-DeHaan-and-Jack-Huston-in-Kill-Your-DarlingsKill Your Darlings is amongst the many fine films premiering at Sundance next month, and with Daniel Radcliffe leading the cast, it definitely has a lot going for it.

With the film premiering in just over a month’s time out in Park City, the festival has debuted our first official image from the film, along with a more full synopsis:

“While he is attending Columbia University in 1944, the young Allen Ginsberg’s life is turned upside down when he sets eyes on Lucien Carr, an impossibly cool and boyishly handsome classmate. Carr opens Ginsberg up to a bohemian world and introduces him to William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. Repelled by rules and conformity in both life and literature, the four agree to tear down tradition and make something new, ultimately formulating the tenets of and giving birth to what became the Beat movement. On the outside, looking in, is David Kammerer, a man in his thirties desperately in love with Carr. When Kammerer is found dead, and Kerouac, Burroughs, and Carr are arrested in conjunction with the murder, the nascent artists’ lives change forever.”

Starring alongside Radcliffe is an incredible supporting cast, headed up by Ben Foster, Dane DeHaan, Elizabeth Olsen, Jack Huston, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Jason Leigh, David Cross, and Kyra Sedgwick.

John Krokidas is behind the camera, directing from a script he co-wrote with Austin Bunn.

Kill Your Darlings will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival 2013, and here’s to hoping that it will be a smooth road to its arrival on the big screen in theatres everywhere following its debut. For now, here’s the great first image, which you can click through to enlarge.