RG Entertainment, LTD. have posted the first teaser trailer and poster for their live action / animatronic adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s beloved novel, The Wind in the Willows.

Following the announcement in June that WETA were developing, this is our first look at the film, which is being directed by Ray Griggs from a script by Bill Marsili.

WETA and Ray Griggs will have a stall at Comic-Con, so it’s possible more images, and maybe even an official synopsis, will be revealed at the event.

Despite not showing much, the trailer indicates the film will be unique in style, while combining technology used in such films as Lord of the Rings and District 9 to put a new spin on the classic tale.

Considering it’s estimated budget is only $30 million, it looks breathtaking. Even more so with the knowledge most animation films these days are made with ridiculous amounts of money. Just shows what you can do with the right vision and modern technology.

Head to the film’s official website to watch the trailer, and take a peek at the poster courtesy thewindinthewillowsthemovie.net (via BleedingCool), and trailer, embedded below:

Post by Jamie Neish