Catching Fire First LookWith the massive success of last year’s adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games the current hullabaloo surrounding the next instalment of the series is understandable.

Jennifer Lawrence impressed in what I considered to be a very flat film (I know I’m in a vast minority here) and Catching Fire, the second film, sees Katniss returning for another round of death-dealing as the Quarter Quell gets underway.

Every twenty-five years there is special anniversary edition of the Games and the seventy-fifth anniversary is the basis for the second film. Katniss is brought back to The Captiol amidst a rising revolution which her victory in the Games helped to propel. Whatever happens if the image below is anything to go by we’ll see death by tridenty spear thing and lots more arrows shot into the air.

EW have the first look at the pair and they look suitably defiant in the face of Donald Sutherland and his strange cronies. The second image was found on the Facebook page so I’d get over there and like the arse off it as there may be more images shortly…

Francis Lawrence’s film is out on the 23rd of November this year. Which is ages. Expect more previews soon…

Catching Fire First Look

Catching Fire - Finnick and Jennifer Lawrence

Photo credit: Murray Close