With just over three weeks to go until Empire’s Big Screen hits London’s o2 arena there’s a definite buzz around the event, which is billing itself as the biggest of its kind held in the UK.

The full details of the three day programme are due to be revealed over the next few days but we’ve got our hands on the full line-up for one of the event’s key programmes – Kim Newman’s Chamber Of Horrors.

Newman is an estabished author, long time Empire contributor and is a bit of a legendary figure in the UK movie scene having been the man who, thanks to his countless TV appreances,  converted many a shy, retiring movie fan into blood-hungry horrorphiles and he’s just the man to preside over the darker side of the Big Screen event.

The full details are below but a few obvious standouts include the screening of Kevin Smith’s Red State (I hope he knows the screening is going ahead this time…), the interview on censorship with Human Centipede man Tom Six, the Hammer horror show with a sneak peek at The Woman in Black (but sadly no Twins of Evil) and my own personal favourite – the screening of Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now.

If this hasn’t convinced you that the Big Screen event is worth visiting then the full schedule is sure to tempt you further and there will be a very secial competition relating to the event on HeyUGuys tomorrow so check back then.

Here’s the line-up:

Friday August 12

Panel: The Eternal Appeal Of Dracula: Kim Newman, author of Anno Dracula, discusses the eternal fascination Bram Stoker’s great vampire has held over film and books.

On Stage: Tom Six And The Human Centipede Censorship Crisis: Incendiary horror director Tom Six and producer Ilona Six will be at Big Screen to defend their shocking sequel, The Human Centipede 2, recently refused a certificate by the BBFC. As they appeal the decision and the film heads to a US release, this is a rare chance to put your questions to the controversial filmmaker.

The Signal Screening: Every cell phone, radio and television starts sending out signals causing psychotic chaos. “It’s a really weird virus outbreak movie, and not enough people have seen it…” says Kim Newman. Directed by David Bruckner, Dan Bush and Jacob Gentry.

Hardware Screening: Arguably one of the most influential British horror debuts of the last 25 years, mixing dystopian sci-fi, killer robots and a grunge aesthetic to startling effect.

Red State Advance Preview: Director Kevin Smith’s eagerly anticipated venture into the horror genre, although not without a satirical edge, finds a group of sex-seeking teens falling into the clutches of terrifying fundamentalists.

Saturday August 13

Footage: Kill List, presented by director Ben Wheatley. Plus Footage: Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark.

Rogue Screening: The best man-eating crocodile movie you will see all weekend. Directed by Greg McLean. According to Kim Newman, “It’s better than McLean’s famous Wolf Creek!”

Hammer Horror Special: Join horror expert Kim Newman, and Hammer Films executives Ben Holden and Nic Ransome, to recall growing up with the British horror institution and the recent reinvention of the studio. Including a panel on the forthcoming Hammer adaptation of The Woman In Black.

To be followed by a double bill of Hammer old, Quatermass And The Pitt, and Hammer new, Wake Wood, as introduced by Kim Newman!

Sunday August 14

Tenebrae Screening: A fantastic opportunity to see the classic Dario Argento Rome-set serial killer flick on the big screen.

The House Of The Devil Screening: A college student takes a babysitting job at a remote house during a full moon. Need we say more? “Utterly terrifying, ’70s-flavoured horror,” says Empire editor Mark Dinning. Directed by Ti West.

Kim Newman’s Horror Quiz: Test yourself against the mind of the country’s leading horror expert and win prizes, the respect of your peers and a high standing in the undead community.

Special Screening: Don’t Look Now: One of the most provocative and powerful exercises in horror ever put on the screen.