As someone who thinks that 2008’s In Bruges was the best thing ever ever. Ever. The release of the first set of images from the set of Martin McDonagh’s follow up effort Seven Psychopaths fills me with unspeakable excitement.  That they constitute mostly shots of Colin Farrell getting boozed up whilst renowned oddball Christopher Walken walks in and out of shot (we can only assume mostly deliberately) does nothing to diminish my hater-proof attitude of bloody minded optimism.

Yes 2012 may be the year of Batman and Spiderman and The Avengers and The Hobbit and the Mayan Apocalypse and many more adaptations of tried and tested IPs and humongous world ending catastrophes, but here is a film that is guaranteed to be a true original. Yes, all of this fawning enthusiasm is only based upon one script from 3 years ago and the writer/director’s high regard in theatrical circles but damn it if this isn’t something to get over excited about then I don’t know what is.

McDonagh’s brand of jet black humour may not be to everyone’s taste but when he gets it right, he gets it right. Nevertheless, who knows at this early stage how it’s going to turn out? Farrell doesn’t even seem to know what’s going on:

“I wouldn’t know how to break down that fucking plot. Martin McDonagh wrote a great and really original script.”

Well someone has managed to get to grips with the fucking plot, so here it is:

A screenwriter struggles to find the handle on his script called Seven Psychopaths. He then gets drawn into the dog-napping escapades of his friends (played by Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken). Once the beloved Shih Tzu owned by a psychopathic gangster (Woody Harrelson) goes missing, the screenwriter finds himself fuelled with all the drama he needs for his screenplay, if he can stay alive long enough to write it all down.

Label me disproportionately excited. Click here for the full set.

Source: Film-O-Filia