My first introduction to Tarsem Singh was his feature film debut The Cell in 2000, which starred Jennifer Lopez. The film was an utter mess but was incredibly visually striking and some of its images have stayed with me since.

My experience watching The Cell didn’t make me too excited about checking out Tarsem’s future work but I have heard a lot of good things about his 2006 film The Fall and there were also rumours at one point that he was directing a new version of Westworld, which sounded intriguing.

2011 will see the release of Tarsem’s next project, Immortals, a film rooted in Greek mythology. Below you can see the first images from the film, courtesy of /Film and if you head over to Rogue Movies you can see some exclusive behind the scenes footage.

This project certainly looks interesting and I’m a big fan of Mickey Rourke so will most likely be checking this out when it’s released. What do you think?