For those of you who had forgotten that a remake of cult 80’s Ruskies US home invasion action flick Red Dawn was on the way (I know I did), Latino Review has posted the first image and the film’s logo. As this is an MGM production, it’s probably safe to assume that a release date is around the corner too given that, financially speaking, the company is back on track.

This time around the gang of ragtag teenagers have to fight off the Chinese who invade their homeland. Not sure why they would go to the trouble of launching a military attack in this day and age when they could probably just as easily purchase the required nuclear weaponry, but there you go.

Filling the boots of the original cast members (a typically 80’s bratpack-y ensemble which included the late Patrick Swayze, his Dirty Dancing sweetheart Jennifer Grey and Charlie Sheen) are Thor himself Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, Adrianne Palicki and Isabel Lucas.

The film is directed by veteran stuntman Dan Bradley, whose experience on the likes of Crank and the last two Bourne pictures should at least guarantee some decent bangs for bucks.