Putting to one side the choice notion of an embuttered bacon sandwich and a mug of steaming cold tea what better way to start off a Friday then with a staring contest with Messrs. Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner aka the three swoon-inducing leads of the Twilight films? I know.

While these three new posters may not be the most exciting images to grace the hallowed walls of the internet you can be sure that the countless hoards of Twilighters will leap upon them and, as they are an eagle-eyed bunch, they’ll notice a subtle change to one of the characters.

The film, which brings to an end the film adaptations of Stephanie Meyer’s much loved series, is due out on the 16th of November, wisely avoiding the Summer battle of the Superheroes.

Here they are, click and watch in gobsmacked awe at the computing power needed to make these images grow before your eyes,