class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-67169″ title=”Will and Willow Smith” src=”” alt=”” width=”226″ height=”189″ />Not content with shining the spotlight on his 12 year-old son in last year’s reworking of The Karate Kid, Will Smith now has a possible reboot in his sights for Jaden’s younger sibling.

Variety are reporting that the Men in Black star is toying with producing a remake of the musical Annie, with daughter Willow taking the lead as the spunky, (erm) ginger-haired orphan.

Details are sparse as yet, but it has been mentioned that Jay-Z, who collaborated with Willow on her pop song Whip My Hair, may have a hand in the music. You may recall that the rapper actually sampled a song from the original musical (It’s the Hard Knock Life) on his 1998 single Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem). Look’s like everything has finally come full circle for him.

Sony are onboard and given that the Karate Kid made more than $350 million worldwide, they must have high hopes here.

Wish I was one of Smith’s kids. Imagine Christmas morning – instead of unwrapping your presents to find you’d received a film on DVD, there would be an actual feature there for you!