class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-38683″ title=”Fantastic Four” src=”” alt=”” width=”139″ height=”174″ />With Spider-Man currently receiving the now popular “reboot” treatment, Screen Rant are claiming to have an exclusive inside scoop from Fox that another property from the Marvel canon, The Fantastic Four, is getting a fresh start and that two actors are being bandied around as possibilities for the role of Mr. Fantastic.

Fresh from battling Predators this summer, Adrien Brody’s is one name in the mix, alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers (let it be Brody, let it be Brody!). Alice Eve (who almost landed a role in X-Men: First Class) and Amber Heard have both being mentioned as replacements for Jessica Alba as Sue Storm from previous rumours, and The Thing is reportedly being created entirely via CGI.

I’m beginning to tire of all the new re-imaginings happening at the moment, particularly as the previous versions are so fresh in many cinemagoers minds. However, having said that, a new take on The Fantastic Four is very much welcomed. Apart from the winning performances of Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis in the previous instalments, the films themselves were pretty lifeless and devoid of any real fun, both receiving much disapproval from critics and fans of the original comic book.

Whether the makers are intending to re-launch the property via the now overly-used “darker and grittier” route is anyone’s guess at the moment, but we’ll keep you updated on casting news when it’s confirmed.

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