Every year at Fantastic Fest, festival organizers pit country vs country in an nerdtastic intellectual showdown they like to refer to as ‘Fantastic Debates’. The event usually just consists of a podium style battle of wits, but this year, Fantastic Fest has a little something extra up it’s sleeve.

In celebration of the regional premiere of the Irish bare-knuckle brawling documentary ‘Knuckle’, a second round of competition has now been added to the notorious Debates ceremony. Now, after finishing an intense battle of the brains, Debates contestants will then be thrown into the boxing ring to once and for all settle age old nerd disputes.

The event is set to take place on Saturday here in Austin, TX where everyone from Astrophysicist Andy Howell  to Fantastic Fest co-founder Tim League will be squaring off face to face. However, the highlight of the night will undoubtedly come when friend must turn against friend in an all out Hobbit on Hobbit battle to end all battles! That’s right! I could only be talking about Elijah Wood vs. Dominic Monaghan. These two may have faced the fires of Mordor together, but on Saturday, the Fellowship will be broken and only one pint sized king will be crowned. Their topic of debate: World of Warcraft.

Earlier this week, the Wood camp released a challenge video in an attempt to take the feud public.  The video shows a blood thirsty Wood who already seems intent on not pulling any punches. Monaghan’s party was then quick to respond with a more half-hearted reply that has many people guessing that Elijah will be the uncontested winner on Saturday.  More to come as events unfold!

You can watch both videos below and decide for yourself who you think the winner will be:


Elijah’s Video

Dominic’s Video