Let’s be clear – this is not Vivian Kubrick’s The Making of “The Shining” so don’t expect a bad word to be said about the parody beyond parody that the Scream series had become by the third film and instead watch and learn why you should be looking forward to the new film from John Craven’s strange older brother.

The main reason Screamholics should be clicking below is that the people at MakingOf.com always do a fine job and Craven is at his most interesting when talking about his motives for making these films. Newcomers Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere talk about their roles and it’s easy to forget that they were probably still in nappies when the first Scream film came about.

Anyhoo – Scream 4 is coming. Nothing can stop it. Here’s a little peek at how and why they made it.