The first teaser trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson’s return to the Resident Evil franchise with his wife and star, Milla Jovovich, landed yesterday, and if you missed it, then you can catch up on the happenings in Alice’s world right here.

In as much as the beginning of the trailer was a huge product placement ad for Sony, I thought the actual footage of the film looked pretty damn sweet. Anderson’s said that we’re to expect epic things from this fifth film, and watching the teaser really makes you believe him.

Two brilliant new images of Jovovich have now surfaced, the first from the film’s Facebook page and the second from its Twitter. As is becoming increasingly common, the ad campaign for the film is encouraging fans to get involved, and the second image was released after fans got #ResidentEvil to trend on Twitter in the US.

Written and directed by Anderson, the film – also known as Re5ident Evil: Retribution – will star Jovovich as the beloved Alice heroine, with a supporting cast that includes Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine, Johann Urb as Leon Kennedy, Boris Kodjoe as Luther West, Bingbing Li as Ada Wong, and a surprise return from Michelle Rodriguez as Rain Ocampo, who starred (and seemingly died) in the first film.

“Alice is captured by Umbrella and awakens in the heart of their operation facility; as she moves further in the complex more of her past is unveiled and continues to hunt for those responsible for the outbreak. Her quest takes her and her newfound allies from Tokyo to New York, Washington, D.C. and Moscow. After a “mind-blowing” revelation, she is forced to rethink everything she once thought to be true.”

Resident Evil: Retribution is due out in the UK in 3D on 14th September this year, and though I still need to play catch-up from the fourth film, Resident Evil: Afterlife, I’m already looking forward to this. I like Anderson as a director, and think he’s going to be bringing us something awesome. Here are the two great new images to see if you agree. As usual, click to enlarge. And again, if you missed yesterday’s great teaser trailer, you can watch it here.