Taylor Lautner is risen to the accolade of ‘Hollywood megastar’ after playing Jacob in the Twilight franchise and subsequently rocking to stardom.

The good news for Twihards is that there are still two more movies to look forward to but in the meantime Taylor has been a very busy man and has somehow found time to make this new movie, Abduction with Lionsgate which is out in UK cinemas now.

We got to catch up with him in a very swanky hotel in London earlier in the week and the interview is embedded below.

In the interview, we talk about how Taylor has adapted to becoming a leading man after working so closely with such a huge cast in the Twilight movies, we talk stunts and how they were carried out, how certain scenes in the movie were shot and we get a little insight into what you can expect when you go and see Abduction at the cinema.

For the rest of our Abduction coverage, click here.

  • Very cool David! Great questions 🙂