Taking the bold step to remake a well known and, in some corners, well-loved film series with an iconic character as its lead needs one crucial element to succeed. When you cast the role of Conan you need to find Conan – there are no half measures here. Make a mistake on the casting of that role and the project fails.

All eyes were on those vying for the role when it was announced that a new Conan film was coming our way and after a few names were bandied around it was Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa who was revealed as the eponymous hero.

The young actor had worked mainly in TV before landing this role and our good friend James Kleinmann sat down with the man who would be Conan for an extended and in-depth interview. Momoa proves a generous interviewee as he talks not only about the much anticipated film, but also his own influences and experiences for working on the film.

What he reveals in the interview is intriguing, not least that he’s never seen the original film, the 3D cameras turned up halfway through production and there was only about 10% greenscreen used on the film, some of the battles you would assume as CGI creations were fully acted out. As well as the production and momentum of Conan Momoa also talks about his own future projects, including a film he has co-written and directed called Road to Paloma, you can see a trailer for that film below the Conan interview which follows.

For the swearing averse there are a few ripe words here, but nothing shocking.

With thanks to Lionsgate. The film is out in cinemas on the 24th of August.