Paul Gascoigne’s skills on the pitch gave inspiration and exaltation to millions of football fans while his life outside the stadium kept the tabloids well fed for years.

It’s heartening then that Gascoigne the film is keen to give oxygen to the highs rather than the lows in Gazza’s life. The film is out today and the Premiere took place in Brixton this evening.

The film’s director, Jane Preston, came to prominence in 2011 with Graffiti Wars, and takes an unswerving eye to the troubles and triumphs of a generation’s greatest football talents.

Our four star review of the film can be found here.

Our top man Cassam Looch and Colin Hart were on the red carpet this evening asking the questions. Here’s how they got on.

Gascoigne talks about phone hacking and how he still believes it’s going on, spending most his time in law suits and how he still loves the game of football. Pearce talks how Gascoigne was the best player of a generation and playing with him at Italia ’90.

Paul Gascoigne

Stuart Pearce