The third Jackass film did phenomenally well at the box office and keen to jump on (then crash) the online bandwagon once again MTV Films, Paramount Digital Entertainment and Joost have teamed up to bring you more madcap maiming as Jackass 3.5 is released over 18 weeks of episodic content.

We’ve got a look at the UK artwork below, and there’s a clip below of one of the stunts, which were all filmed especially for Jackass 3.5. New episodes will be available on the Joost network twice a week from tomorrow, if you need a synopsis help is at hand.

Because too much is never enough! Johnny Knoxville and the boys are at it again with jackass 3.5, a compilation of dozens of episodes featuring all-new footage from the idiots you’ve come to fear and love. Loaded with never-before-seen stunts, pranks and stupidity, these episodic slugs include such antics as Steve-O’s up close and very personal encounter with a snapping turtle, Chris Pontius and his incredible wood pecker, a rocket-powered trip to Uranus with Bam Margera, and the successful prank that was finally pulled on Johnny Knoxville.

There’s a handy trailer available here

Here’s the artwork,


One of the more high profile stunts which didn’t make it into the final cut featured this pop icon terrorised in a toilet.

Now you really want to see why Ms. Spears is looking like that don’t you? THR have the answer…

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Jackass 3.5 premieres exclusively on on 1st April at 11am