Back in February, Deadline reported that British actor, Jamie Blackley was to co-lead the cast in the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures sequel to smash hit movie, 300 as the character Calisto. The movie (which didn’t have a title at the time), we now known as 300: Battle of Artemisia is set for release August 2013 is directed by Noam Murro and will star Eva Green and Rodrigo Santoro who returns as Xerxes after appearing as the same character in the previous movie but it now appears that Blackley won’t be appearing after-all.

An anonymous source has told us:

“Blackley, who was cast as a co-lead in the film has now been dropped from the production altogether in favour of their original choice for the role.”

We don’t know who their first choice for the role was at present but we’re expecting an official press release to be announced shortly so keep your eyes peeled.We’ll see Blackley appear in Snow White and the Huntsman in the next month and he has also recently appeared opposite Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley in London Boulevard.

More as we get it.

Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures