This Friday the 13th we finally get to spend time in the woods with Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon and it’s a deliciously dark and wicked tale they tell.

For a long time The Cabin in the Woods was held back by MGM’s financial troubles, and after an abandoned attempt at 3Dification the film enters UK cinemas with Chris Hemsworth, Kristin Connelly and two actors we sat down to interview following the world premiere at SXSW, Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins.

It’s impossible to mention anything about their part in the film without wandering into dangerous spoiler territory. My review is up on the site here, it’s spoiler-free and there’s an excellent reason for that. The premise of the film is simple, the journey it takes you on is not. The less you know about this film going into it the better.

Here’s the video,

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