Earlier this week I got to speak to Hollywood legend, Keanu Reeves about his new movie, Henry’s Crime which is released in the UK tomorrow, 14th January and co-stars James Caan and Vera Farmiga. In the interview I asked him about how the project came about and how he found working on the screenplay as well as acting within it. I also asked him about distribution in the US & mainland Europe which seems to be sorted and it should be moving Stateside in April and over to Europe in the coming months.

Towards the end of the interview I was running low on time and I know hundreds of you had sent in questions for me to ask Mr Reeves. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to ask most of them but I did get updates on where we are with all the projects at the moment including 47 Ronin, Ode to Happiness & Bill & Ted 3.

Reeves is currently in London preparing for his new role in 47 Ronin which he mentions in this interview too.