Chris Evans is a busy guy.  He has two movies opening this month alone. You might have also heard of a little film called “CaptainAmerica” that opened this past summer.  With all this going on he still managed to do a fair bit of press for his last film of the year, the romantic comedy “What’s Your Number?”

During the 15-minute roundtable, with the multi-talented actor, we covered topics including his work out regime and how he doesn’t plan on looking at another weight for as long as he can. With so much on his plate, and a project he may begin in November, he is looking forward to taking the month of October off. Note: Chris states “Luna” is not his next project and he doesn’t even know if that’s going to happen, but gave no details on his November film. Chris Evan’s character Colin is a struggling musician in the film so the other journalists in the room discussed in great detail his love for music and musical theater, a medium he would love to return to when he has enough time.  Here is our Exclusive Interview with Chris Evans.

HeyUGuys: In the case of Captain America, where you beefed up for the role, do you ever see yourself getting fat for a role?

Chris Evans: I don’t think I could if I tried unfortunately.  Everyone’s usually like “what a dick” when I say that. But it really is difficult for me to put on weight. But in the same token, I can’t put on any leg mass. I have little pool cues for legs. So I can’t really fill out, it’s ridiculous.  I wouldn’t mind losing a lot of weight, getting real skinny. I could do that real easily

HUG: Is that you singing in the film?

CE: Yeah

HUG: Is that something you ever thought about, that maybe singing might be a career for you?

CE: It would have been under the guise of acting. I grew up doing a lot of musical theater so I spent a lot of time on stage singing and dancing and things like that.  So I wouldn’t be opposed to doing something in the world of singing if it had to do with a performance.  But, ya know, I’m not going to go start a band.

HUG: Are you going to have some time off soon? I mean, you’ve got three movies out this year. “Captain America”, “Puncture” and “What’s Your Number?” then “Avengers” next year, any time off for you?

CE: I’m hopefully doing that real soon. There’s a movie I might be doing in November, that I can’t discuss, but hopefully that’ll be locked up this week.  If that happens I’ll go home to Boston for the month of October to decompress.

HUG: This movie is a bit of a return to straight comedy for you.  You’ve been establishing your action hero persona for the past few years.  Do you prefer one genre to another?

CE: I guess the genre I prefer doing is Drama. But the beauty of film is that it caters to the taste of variety.  Not just with genre but with the entire group of artists you get to work with.  You know, you go and do a film for four months with a set of actors, crew, director, producers and content. Then when you’re done with that you can shed that skin and move onto something completely different. That’s the appeal of film versus something like television, which is great, but there is a consistency and repetition in television that I think might lead me wanting a little more creatively.

HUG: What attracted you to the character of Colin in this particular film?

CE: I think we have a lot of similarities, Colin and myself.  Sometimes you find a character that’s completely against type and you really sink your teeth into it and go somewhere radically different. Other times you find someone that’s close to home and you just connect.  Again, I hadn’t done a comedy in a while. I thought the script was hilarious and I love Anna and I felt the character was someone I could certainly indentify with.  So there was a comfort there.