With psychological thriller The Secret of Marrowbone hitting screens across the UK this week, we marked the occasion by interviewing stars George MacKay and Mia Goth, as well as director Sergio G. Sanchez.

MacKay and Goth, who play siblings in the movie, discussed their chemistry on screen, and whether they too can feel scared watching this movie back. They also spoke about the enjoyable challenge that derives from playing characters that have much internal conflict, as a film that isn’t so reliant on its dialogue, but more its atmosphere. They also speak about upcoming projects, with MacKay the lead in Justin Kurzel’s The True History of the Kelly Gang, and Goth starring in Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria.

Meanwhile, Sanchez speaks about this tale and what compelled him to direct it, not just write the screenplay. He tells us about his first time in the director’s chair, and explains why he feels the Spanish have such a great relationship with the horror genre. He also talks about why they shot two different endings to the film, and responds to comments made from director Ari Aster, who cited his film Hereditary to be a ‘family drama’ – as we ask why filmmakers seem so reluctant to define their work as being a ‘horror’ movie.

Watch the interviews here:


A young man and his younger siblings who have concealed the death of their mother to remain together are plagued by a sinister presence in their home.
The Secret of Marrowbone is released on July 13th