Last night was about one thing and one thing only, and that was the Empire / Jameson movie awards 2010. These awards are possibly the most fan based awards in the country as pretty much every entry if voted for by you, the public.

Jon and I headed down to the Grosvenor House Hotel to find our spot on the red carpet. After gosling with some other reporters, we managed to find out niche and never moved from that spot until the awards were over! Just of few of those in attendance were Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant, Jude Law, Edgar Wright, Sam Worthington, Ray Winstone, Rupert Grint, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg and many more.

We managed to get interviews with many of the celebrities all of which you can now see in this 10 minute highlight reel which I’ve embedded below. Sorry for some of the shaky camera work but there were rather a lot of press fighting for their spot so often it made for some rather creative position!! If you’re wondering why some of the pictures break up at a few points, that will be the gazillion flash bulbs going off from all the photographers. Do not adjust your sets!

I’ve also placed photos that I took from this evening for your viewing pleasure.

Jon was in the packed press room where the award winners mingled with the assembled paparazzi and was able to some of the following photos, apologies for the quality of the pics, but we were able to get a few shots of the winners with their coveted Empire awards.

You can see the official photos from the professional cameramen here.

All the winners from the event are up here and you can see all our Jameson / Empire Awards coverage here.