We’ve featured artist Dave Williams’ poster work on the site before but I think he’s outdone himself this time.

If you’ve not seen his work before then pop on over to his website www.davewilliamsdesigns.blogspot.com; the recent line of Marvel inspired poster artwork is particularly good but fans of all things Back to the Future should also check out his tribute posters there too. Maybe one day we’ll convince him to do a Bill & Ted one, eh?

The campaign for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy has benefited from some excellent poster work but I think the subtlety and stark design on Dave’s take on it is my favourite piece of work so far. Dave does sell his posters on his website and if there’s demand for it then he says he’ll put this one up for sale as well. If you want one then let him know! UPDATE – Dave has listed it for sale on his site – check out the link above to head over and treat yourself.

You can follow the man on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DaveWillPosters and on Twitter  @davewi11 and it’s always worth keeping an eye out on what’s next.

Here’s the poster – click to enlargify.