Life-of-PiLife of Pi hits UK cinemas today and if you missed it, you can see our review right here. Life of Pi is probably one of the most visually striking movies I’ve ever seen. It has a look like nothing I’ve seen in a movie before and there are so many shots in it which are simply beautiful. It doesn’t feature in this featurette but there is a shot of a whale shark swimming below the boat while Pi (Suraj Sharma) and Richard Parker (the tiger in the movie – you’ll find out why he has this name when you see the film) are fast asleep. I wanted to stand up in the middle of the cinema where I watched it and rewind that one shot just so I could experience it over and over again.

In this great featurette which focuses specifically on the way in which the movie as shot, we get to hear from Director of Photography Claudio Miranda who talks about getting that visual tone of the movie right and working with Director Ang Lee to make the shots as visually striking as possible. He pays specific reference to the boat sinking sequence and why getting that shot so perfect was imperative.

Life of Pi is released in UK cinemas today. If you missed our coverage including interviews with the cast and film makers from the UK premiere, click here.