Sam Worthington’s jaunt through the merry myths of Greece continues apace with Wrath of the Titans, out now on Blu-ray and DVD.

In order that we don’t let this moment pass by unnoticed we have two clips to bring you, one involving Sam Worthington pushing a sword a giant monster’s hand and the other depicting a group of men in a West London gym. We are so good to you.

Following the financial success of Clash of the Titans it’s no massive shock that a Wrathing was in our future. Sam Worthington is joined by Bill Nighy and Rosamund Pike and gleaming cylon Liam Neeson once again barks and gestures at Ralph Fiennes until things blow up and the day is saved.

Here’s the clip, which features a behind the scenes look at Persus’ fight with the Cyclops.

And then here’s another piece of Wrath-inspired fun. If you want the body of a Greek God then Gymbox gave us some tips in a Titan workout video which you can see below. Please only try this under supervision or unsupervised if you are, in fact, a God.