The humdrum life of an aspiring teenage detective takes an interesting turn when a new family move into the quiet neighburhood and before long Elfie Hopkins is convinced there is more to their new neighbours than meets the eye.

If you missed the recent  trailer for Ryan Andrews’ feature debut it’s well worth taking a look, if only to enjoy the strange tone evoked. It put me in mind of Jeunet & Caro’s Delicatessen shot through with a Nancy Drew vibe by way of The Wicker Man. And if that fever dream of a sackful of influences isn’t enough to get you interested then, gosh Jed, I don’t even want to know you.*

Jaime Winstone leads the film and is joined by her Dad Ray, recently seen troubling capital scum in The Sweeney trailer, and Kimberley Nixon, Rupert Evans, Kate Magowan and Steven Mackintosh join them in the mix.

The film is unleashed into your local cinemahouse on the 20th of April, so eyes down if you want an early taste of Elfie.

*Bonus points for anyone who gets that reference.