Yes it’s another LEGO post from me but I know you love it just as much as I do! We get sent lots of messages asking us to support projects but not many are cooler than the likes of this! LEGO CUUSOO user tjspencer1 (Tristram Spencer) sent over his design and bid to get Steven Spielberg’s E.T. turned into a LEGO set and when you see it you’ll want is as much as I.

For those unfamiliar, CUUSOO is a project for LEGO fans to design their own sets and if the set gets 10k votes of support, they have the chance for the set to be made officially by LEGO themselves. We’ve seen recent sets including Jurassic Park, Back to the Future to name just a couple and this one looks just as great as those.

Below are a few images from the E.T. set by tjspencer1 and you can click here to help support him in his quest to get the set made right HERE.