To celebrate the release of Late Night – written by the comedic talent that is Mindy Kaling, and starring the luminary Emma Thompson, we had the pleasure to sit down with the two women to talk about the comedy that has been much talked about ever since its Sundance premiere earlier this year.
Kaling – who also takes a starring role in the film – discusses whether she had any freedom crafting the character Thompson portrays; of a late night talk show host, given how few women feature in this very profession. Thompson tells us why she felt so compelled to play the role, and they also touch upon establishing the film’s tricky tone; to remain comedic throughout and yet be so profoundly pertinent, exploring a variety of relevant topics. The film feels very much of a product of the MeToo and TimesUp movements, and so we asked the two if they have felt any shift from within the industry, in the wake of this essential spotlight.
Late Night is out in UK cinemas on the 7th of June.

Emma Thompson & Mindy Kaling on Late Night