Vulture are reporting that Emily Blunt will soon be offered the lead female role in a new relationship comedy from Universal, tentatively titled Five-Year Engagement.

Five-Year Engagement will be directed by Nicholas Stoller and Blunt will star opposite Jason Segel, who also wrote the screenplay.

It follows a couple [that] gets engaged very enthusiastically, and then follows them over five years of not getting married and just being engaged… break ups, cross country moves, meeting new people, basically about the fluidity of relationships in your 20s.

Production on Five-Year Engagement in expected to start next summer, once Blunt has completed filming duties on Rian Johnson’s science-fiction film Looper.

Segel previously offered Blunt the role of Jackie Q in Universal’s Get Him To The Greek, but due to a contractual issue with 20th Century Fox, she was unable to accept.