Last night, London played host to the World Premiere of new British indie movie, Elfie Hopkins. Many of the cast of the movie were there to chat about the film including Ray Winstone, Aneurin Barnard and Jaime Winstone who plays the title character as well as Co-Producing the movie.

Ben Mortimer and Colin Hart were our men on the ground at the event and they got to chat with the three of them discussing what it was about Elfie that they loved so much and how this movie will be a great one for kids growing up with over-active imaginations. Ben also asks Ray about his recent work on Snow White and the Huntsman opposite Kristen Stewart and what it was like to play a dwarf in the film. He also mentions the future The Sweeney movies that they hope to do going forward.

Check out the interviews below for the full low-down.

Elfie Hopkins is released this Friday 20th April.

If this isn’t enough for you, here’s the premiere report from our friends at Upbeat who got a few more of the cast who attended.