Movie moneyThe British film industry is one of the strongest in the world, with a rich history and a prodigiously talented workforce. I remember being very proud as a child that the Star Wars films were partly made in my country, and the famous studios of Pinewood and Shepperton are true landmarks, seeing the production of multitudes of classic films.

But everything in mainstream movies comes down to money and the UK started losing out to other countries, whose exchange rates were more favourable and so Hollywood jumped ship to warmer climes. Australia in particular has been well used in the past decade, but now it looks as if the UK may become a Hollywood magnet once again.

Variety have a small article on the exchange rate and tax credits and how the UK’s production and post-production facilities are becoming more attractive as a  result of the economic turbulence and the capability of its people. Coming a day after the end of the 53rd London Film Festival, where we saw many outstanding British films, this news is heartening. With Hammer and Ealing, two well known formidable British studios, hoping to reclaim former glories the news that more films may be made here is good news for all British movie fans.

Variety’s piece can be read here.