Los Angeles, the city of angels, is home to the largest video game trade show…ON THE PLANET.  And why yes I just happen to be attending, let me tell you how my journey begins.

From the 5 freeway, little Tekken Tag Tournament 2 banner

I have always hated the traffic in and around L.A.  It is just a complete disaster, but when you are heading to something as monumental as E3, you put aside your petty differences with traffic and partake in some kind of chaotic relaxation; a serenade of horns, profanity, and screeching tires makes for a truly delightful commute into the heart of downtown.

On approach my immediate reaction when nearing the LA Convention Center off the 5 freeway was, “Damn that is a huge building”, then once off the freeway and in the vicinity of the convention center I proceeded to loop the building for about 10 minutes, got dropped off, than an even thicker layer of confusion settled in; oh yeah, I had the “this is his first E3” look all over my face.

It’s true; I am an E3 noob/novice/virgin/etc. etc.
I took about 20 photos in as many steps.
I was enamored by the size and scale of everything.
Monolithic banners for AAA games coming out this fall, Sleeping Dogs mock ups in the bus terminals (a bit ironic, because we all know dogs don’t sleep there).

Massive Halo 4 Banner

After looking like a complete tourist for 20 minutes I ventured into the convention center to procure my badge.  The staff was super friendly, they answered all of my questions, but most of it was just finger pointing “oh you need to get there (points finger), it’s over in that direction”.  So after a half dozen or so people I found my way to the media registration room, got my badge (fairly quickly I may add) then was off to peruse the facilities, formulate a game plan if you will for the events of the next three days.

Elegant Hitman Absolution stair art outside the West Hall

So I went about my business, looking around, locating the various halls and meeting rooms for my bevy of appointments over the next three days, well, with some degree of success.  All the meeting rooms were off limits to media (as far I know) and I was allowed entry into the South Hall, but left to get some fresh air (they are still constructing booths, some particulate in the air), then went to reenter and was denied, being told that “Media wasn’t allowed in until tomorrow”.  I gave the security guard a confused look and said “you just let me in and watched me walk out”, well, I left it at that, I am not going to be that guy who gets kicked out of a show before the headliner comes on.

Pass through the arches to attain gaming greatness

After that little mix up, I said to myself, “What kind of food does this joint have?”  So I did just that, was off to search for some food.  Let’s just say that all I did was search, because the prices inside the convention center are ludicrous.  The cheapest thing I could find that would provide any kind of sustenance was an $11 sandwich, I’m all set (think of those sandwiches you see at a gas station, these were fairly comparable).

Trust me I am enjoying myself; I don’t want to paint an ugly picture of a beautiful thing.

After the short lived food endeavor I went to the media hospitality suite.  It’s a room where you can sleep, talk, drink, write (where this piece was birthed), tweet, tag, and all kinds of other things.  It is a war room for us media folk to take refuge in when we feel creative or just played something awesome on the show floor (and oh will there be some playing on the show floor).  Things were particularly lively during the MS conference and the EA conference; it was just amazing seeing so many firing fingers from so many different video game journalists at the same time.  Also this dreaded “trade show” smell (a vicious combination of body odor, cigarettes, and farts) that I was vehemently warned about, was surprisingly non-existent, and for all our sake’s let hope it stays that way (can’t say the same for outside however).

Sony, making their presence known

But, my travels have just begun at this year’s E3.  I have many things to do and many things to see and well, report them to you of course.  I hope you are all as excited for the next three days as I am, and for everything E3 2012, keep your eyes peeled right here at HeyUGuys Gaming.