Blood: The Last VampireI’ve seen quite a few different reviews of this movie before I watched it and it’s difficult when you’re in that situation as you go into it with pre-coceived ideas. My expectations were very low because I hadn’t heard an awful lot of good things about the movie but, I think because of that, it turned out to be a little better than I expected.

Blood: The Last Vampire is directed by Chris Nahon and stars Gianna Jun, Allison Miller, Liam Cunningham, JJ Feild, Koyuki and, believe it or not, Larry Lamb who you’ll recognise from Eastenders and Gavin and Stacey. It’s a story about a young half-vampire, half-human (Jun), left to fight the demons that have invaded the earth. On the surface, Saya is a beautiful 16-year-old, but underneath that youthful exterior hides a tormented soul. When her human father was brutally murdered by Onigen, the evil lord of all vampires, when she was just a child Saya was bound by an oath to avenge his death.

Blood The Last VampireAfter joining forces with a shadowy society known only as the Council, the troubled young halfling is dispatched to an American military base in Tokyo. In exchange for help in tracking down her arch nemesis Onigen, Saya goes undercover at the local high school to seek out and destroy her demon classmates”¦ but gets drawn into an unexpected and unlikely friendship with a human in the process.

I struggled with parts of this movie but then really enjoyed others. The fight choreography was excellent my favourite fight sequence becoming more like a cleverly thought out dance. There are similarities with the Blade movies in this respect and rather than coming up with a new script, they focus on the half vampire, half human side of the characters.

Blood The Last VampireThe effects weren’t the best you’ll see but i think that’s the look they were trying to go for. Whenever a samurai sword was used to kill an enemy, huge blobs of fake blood would be used to emphasize the death. I think these were added in post production and were made to give the movie a slightly humerous edge, it is called ‘Blood’ after all! What made it most amusing me for was watching Larry Lamb appear as a US General when I just couldn’t get past seeing him as Gavin’s dad from Gavin and Stacey!

Allison Miller plays the daughter of the General and looks like a mix between Kate Beckinsale and Kristen Stewart but she played her part of running away scared pretty Blood The Last Vampirewell! Some of the acting from all the cast was a little dodgy but I think this movie was more about the effects and the choreography than it was the acting. The problem was that some of the bad performances leaked into scenes that were supposed to be serious and you’re left shaking your head in dis-belief.

Blood The Last Vampire is never going to be a best seller but if you like action movies that feature vampires being slain in multiple different ways, either buy Blade or Blood: The Last Vampire!

Blood: The Last Vampire is out on DVD and Blu Ray now!