American Pie Book of LoveBelieve it or not, it’s now been 10 years since the original American Pie movie. It was a huge success costing around m to make and creating around 5m at the box office. It spawned two further theatrical releases and American Pie Presents: The Book of Love is the 4th straight-to-DVD release in the franchise making it the 7th in the series. None of it’s predecessors have managed to live up to the standard of the original movie but read on to find out if this seventh movie cu the mustard!

American Pie Book of LoveAmerican Pie (1999) didn’t just start a franchise that would go for ten years or longer, it created (or possibly revived?) a whole new genre which sparked many other college based comedies, none of which have quite lived up to the daddy that is American Pie. All the elements have been there in the sequels but there seems to be one secret ingredient still lacking. American Pie Presents: The Book of Love is directed by John Putch and stars Eugene Levy, Bug Hall, Kevin M. Horton, Brandon Hardesty, Beth Behrs, Melanie Papalia, John Patrick Jordan and Louisa Lytton. One of the names in thae list may stand out above the rest and that is of course the wonderful Eugene Levy.

American Pie Book of LoveLevy played Jim’s dad in the original American Pie movie and he was responsible for some of the best moments in it catching Jim doing things with a pie that no father should ever do! Levy has been brought back into this movie to try and give it some of the pizazz that the original had an for the 1 scene that he’s in the movie, he does just that!

You may remember in the original movie that Kevin (played by Thomas Ian Nicholas) is tipped off by his big brother about a ‘bible’ which not only tells your everything there is to know about sex, but also shows you the way to a woman’s heart! Well, that book still exists and when Rob (Bug Hall) stumbles across the book while causing a fire in the school library (!) the premise of the seventh instalment of the American Pie franchise is back on! During said fire, the ‘bible’ becomes damaged causing multiple important parts to be destroyed! This obviously causes disaster as only they’re only finding out half the story of how to woo the ladies! The guys therefore make it their mission to recreate the ‘bible’ to it’s former glory.

American Pie Book of LoveIf you’ve seen and loved the previous American Pie movies then there is absolutely no reason you won’t like this one. The characters are lovable with one being slightly innocent and dopier than his friends and with the Stifler character (John Patrick Jordan) still in existence making the more naive characters feel inadequate. Having a former Eastender in the form of Louisa Lytton seemed a little odd but you soon get used to her bitchy English role that she plays and she becomes part of the movie just like the other characters. As I said previously, Levy is only in the movie for one scene really but in that scene, he makes an impact like he did in the original.

American Pie Book of LoveThere are no completely outrageous ‘webcam’ moments like the original movie brought us but considering this movie is now the 7th installment, you have to give credit to the writers and producers for coming up with new ideas and keeping it going. People will buy the movie and will enjoy it for what it is, a continuing saga into the mad minds of American High School students after one thing!

American Pie Presents: The Book of Love is available on DVD and Blu Ray 7th December or you can enter our competition to win a copy here.