After writing one of the finest and complementary scores in recent years for Drake Doremus’ Like Crazy, one of the best films I’ve seen all year, Dustin O’Halloran is set to return to work with the award-winning director for his next, as-yet-untitled project, which is currently in post-production.

The film sees him also return to work with his Like Crazy star, Felicity Jones (who also won the Special Jury Prize for her part in the film), along with a brilliant new cast headed up by Guy Pearce (Memento, the upcoming Prometheus), Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone), Kyle MacLachlan (Desperate Housewives), and Alexandra Wentworth (In Living Color).

If you missed O’Halloran’s work scoring Like Crazy, I highly recommend that you buy either the film itself or the soundtrack – or, if you’re like me, both*. It’s a wonderful film that didn’t get the time it deserved in cinemas back in January, certainly worth of finding its deserved audience now after its theatrical release.

Doremus’ untitled project, which currently doesn’t have a release date set, was already one of my most anticipated currently in development after seeing Like Crazy, and that anticipation is only further raised now that O’Halloran has come on board to compose the score. He did such a good job with his first partnership with the director, and I can’t wait to hear his next work. Here’s a taster of one of his scores from Like Crazy that I hope will encourage you to pick up the soundtrack (which also features a handful of original songs, one of which I’ve also embedded below) – it gets truly beautiful just before the minute-mark.

*Like Crazy’s soundtrack is available to purchase now, and the film will be released this month on 28th May (I have it pre-ordered), and can be pre-ordered for just £8 from the likes of HMV or Amazon.

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Source: Film Music Reporter via The Playlist.